When I put my profile up on New-phase-dating.co.uk,I was really keen to find out whether anybody wou

When I put my profile up on New-phase-dating.co.uk,I was really keen to find out whether anybody would contact me.It´s kind of an exposition,and I was thinking whether anybody would notice me.Just like when one ends up being the last one choosen for the football team.I didn´t need to be anxious about that at all,because on the first evening several guys contacted me.I was really nervous,when I opened their mails.Some of them were not of interest.They seemed a little immature to me.A few of them looked really great ,and sounded very interesting.


It was especially one of the guys that I thought was gorgeous.He looked very handsome,and had some funky tattoos and a naughty smile in his eyes.I felt that he was really great to write with,and after awhile we started calling eachother on the phone.After a few weeks we decided to meet up.It was to be at a club in my home town Boston.


In the days leading up to our meeting,and had a nail job and lovely Thai massage.I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what clothes I should put on for the occasion,and it finally ended up by me buying some new clothes.I really wanted to make an impression on that date.


My cousin is a trained cosmetolegist and hairdresser,and she came to my house to put on makeup.She fabulous at that.We spoke a lot about how to find a parter online,and she also felt that it was something that she would like to try.I recommended that she try out Singleparent.com.,as she is alone with two young children.


My cousin made me look like a million dollars.I put on my stilletos and designer bag and made my way to the date.Luckily my cousin went along with me to the club.I was getting nervous,what now if my date didn´t turn up.But he surely did!


I went up to the bar with my cousin,and ordered a couple of drinks.Suddenly somebody held their hands over my eyes.Guess who,said a sexy male voice.I recognised the voice,even though the music was loud in the club;and of course I had spoken to him a lot on the phone beforehand.When I turned around and looked at him,I nearly fainted.He was absolutely gorgeous.Dark,tall and sporty.He had the most awesome white toothpaste smile.He gave me a great hug,and told me that I looked even more gorgeous in ”reality” than he had expected.


We danced,flirted,hugged and kissed eachother all evening and most of the night.Half the night and most of the next day we spent in his apartment.I must admit that I feel madly in love with him.I also feel that it´s mutual.We have been together every day since saturday when we first met.I just can´t get enough of him.


Love from




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