A Match Made In Heaven.

I think that New-phase-dating.co.uk is the most fantastic dating site in the world.I have tried several,but on other sites it has mainly been others that have contacted me.I don´t really like it when 29 year olds write to me,as I´m only 19.I think that there are more young people on New-phase-dating.com,and I think that many of them look at age before they create contact.


Anyway,I received an invitation from a guy that is called Patrick.He just looked super attractive on his profile picture.Such a cool football dude,with surfer hair,tattoos,and a sporty body.He also plays football at a very high level.He wrote that I should be aware,that he had to commit himself to a lot of training,in order to stay on the first team.I thought that it sounded really cool.It´s great to be in contact with a guy that is focused about his endeavours.


I like to workout myself.I´m a trainer in Fitness World,and work out about 4-5 times a week.I means a lot to me to be in top shape.I´m studying to be a hairdresser,and spend quite a bit of time making myself look attractive.


Anyway,back to the issue of Patrick.We wrote together a couple of weeks before our first date.We met in a disco,and wow it was crazy.I shaked all over my body,when I met him the first time.He met me at the entrance,gave me a great hug,and led me up to the bar,where some of his and my friends were waiting.But it was our evening.We were placed at a small table in the corner.It turned out that Patrick knew the owner of the bar.That´s why we had a table reserved for us.


It also turned out that Patrick danced like a dream.He had lots of rhythm and energy in his dancing.We danced,drank cocktails and spoke all evening.When the disco closed,I just didn´t want to be separated from him.He told me that I was more than welcome to go with him home,but that I shouldn´t feel obliged to.I didn´t,so I went home with him.


He lived in the most lovely apartment.That I at least discovered before we went to bed.The rest of the nights story I´ll keep to myself.Next morning I was served lovely breakfast in bed.It was perfect!just think of it,a lovely guy who is also a gentleman.He is simply my dream date.When I tell my friends about him,they all agree that I have really won the ”lottery”.


I at least feel that our relationship is “a match made in heaven”.


Big hug from the hairdresser in love.


Best Wishes John Jackson


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