I Was Threatened With Violence.

On New-phase-dating.co.uk,I have dated many lovely girls.Some briefly,others for longer periods of time.Today..I think,that I have found the ”one and only”.It´s still new,and really wonderful,but that´s not what I want to tell you about.

It´s all about an experience I had 7-8 months ago.I made contact with a sweet 23 year old girl.She looked beautiful and pretty on the profile picture.We wrote together,and discovered that we had many common interests.Same taste of music,liked the same music,and both liked travelling on vacations to sunny lands.We were both into fitness and wellbeing.She worked in a clothes shop in Brooklyn,and I in a bank in Queens.Both of us though lived in Brooklyn.


I took the initiative that we should meet up.We planned it carefully,and both of us made an effort,in order to make sure that the night was a success.That´s exactly what happened.We had a great evening,and continued into a magical naughty night.We went to my apartment,as it was the one that was closest to the bar we had been at.Early in the morning,my date got up,dressed and called a taxi.I asked her to stay until the next morning,and have breakfast;but she didn´t want to do that.


The next day we wrote hot messages to eachother.I was really turned onto her,she is just gorgeous.We arranged to meet again,but first 14 days later.We had something to look forward to.I invited her to dinner at a great restaurant,and we met there at 8pm.


The evening started out in perfect fashion.We had a lovely starter and main course.After having our main dish,something unexpected happened.

My date suddenly became very pale and blushed.

Just as I was to ask her what was wrong,an angry guy turned up.He was shouting at us;”what are you two up to”.What was she doing here with a bastard like me.I got up and asked him what this was all about.I was told to shut up…I started to quiver.


The guy was my dates boyfriend.She had deceived both of us.She had been chatting to me for two months,while at the same time living with her boyfriend.He threatened me with violence.


I really got very angry.I got up and left,leaving the girl and her boyfriend to pick up the tab for the bill.It´s was the most wild date that I have ever been on!


Regards Peet


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