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Hi.. my name is Joanne.I´m 19 years old and would like to share some thoughts concerning me having a profile on New-phase-dating.com.


One of my friends had heard about New-phase-dating.co.uk.Within a short time she had met a lot of guys online;she kind of described it as a bonanza of opportunities.I had to try that too I thought.I live here in the country side in Arizona,and know most of the guys my own age.I would like to meet some new guys.Also because I will be moving to Phoenix after the summer vacation.Some of my friends and I have decided to give it a go on New-phase-dating.com


We met at one of my friend Emmas house and had some good food.We had a few drinks and then we started taking profile pictures of eachother.We put on makeup and tried different clothes on,in order for us to come across as looking gorgeous and attractive on the shots.


When the images where ready,we started to write our profiles and created our user names.That was a little more difficult,but we managed it.Karen is very good at writing,so she was busy scribbling down our texts.It took a little longer than expected,but we finished the job and headed for the ”town”.


Next day I had to check out my profile,and see whether any messages had been sent to me.There were some!Three guys had contacted me.I really got the the butterflies whilst reading them.Two of the guys where not for me,but the third one was really lovely and good looking.I started to chat with him,and in the next days that followed, I started to get more and more contacts.It was wild!I think that my profile picture created a great interest.I just sit here with a smile on my face when thinking of it.There was nothing seedy about my picture!


After some tid I decided to meet up with a couple of the guys.Individually of course.It was really exciting,and I was slightly nervous.I went very well.The guys were nice,but my impression was that they were looking for a quite casual relationship.That´s ok,as I´m glad just to know a few guys out in town.What I really wanted was a steady boyfriend.I just kept on chatting with several guys,and a few times I contacted them.I approached the ones that I found most interesting and good looking .


Some of my friends are also hot on dating.A few times we have been on double dates.It has been a little difficult,but it has also been fun.I know my friend,but the guys don´t know eachother,so therefore it has been a little difficult for them at times.We had lots of great nights out on the town,as a result of being on New-phase-dating.com.If you are at home and want to get into contact with some nice guys;then just get going with creating a profile on New-phase-dating.co.uk.


Saturday I´m going on a new date,we are meeting up at a bar.He´s 23 and from Albuquerque.He looks handsome on his profile picture,and seems to be really a lovely person.I´m crossing my fingers,in the hope of good luck that, he is my gorgeous dream date potential partner. I just hope we will hit it off with eachother from the start.


Love From Joanne



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