Naughty Guys Turn Me On.

When I´m on,it´s always a certain type of guy that I want to be in contact with.I think it´s because I have grown up in a conservative home,and therefore seek a certain ”naughty” type of guy.My parents kept me in a tight grip.It was officially first when I was 17,that I was allowed to go to parties.Of course I went to parties before that,but then it would happen under cover of me ”sleeping over” at my friends house.I know that my parents have behaved this way,in order to protect me.It just been a hassle that I have had to lie,in order to go out and have fun.


I don´t really fancy the guys I go to High School with.They are nice and clean types.I don´t at all think that they are sexy or exciting.I would much rather date a guy who has work,his own apartment,motorbike and lots if funky tattoos.Luckily there are some of these guys here on


Last week I was on my first date with a cool guy called Ronny.He has just finished his education as a carpenter,and is now in a steady job.He´s got his own apartment,and a monster of a motorbike.He´s really cheeky and super gorgeous.He´s 22,tall and sporty.And he´s got the most funky tattoos.I´m totally mad about him.We met at the local disco,and I noticed him in the bar straight away.He was really nice,and he offered me cocktails straight away.We spent the whole evening in eachothers great company talking and dancing.


When it was time to go home,he asked me whether I wanted to accompany him to his home.I only doubted my answer for a fraction of a second,as I also had to be a little careful.I felt that I knew him quite well,as we had spent much time writing on the dating site.I just threw myself into it and went him home with him.


I have never regretted that,as he was nice to me.Next morning he drove me home on his motorbike.I was all dressed up there from the disco night,and my parents nearly had a fit, when they saw me arriving back home in that attire on his monster bike.I´m 19 now,so there isn´t so much for them to say about it.On the monday,some flowers arrived with the most sweet card.Even though he is naughty,he also has a very romantic side.


We have now been together every evening since.On saturday we are going to ”our” disco.I´m looking forward to showing him off to some of my ”nice” friends.I think that Ronny is the most gorgeous man one could get.I really hope that we soon become official partners.


Love From Louise.


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