Hes My Private James Bond.

Let me tell you frankly that I´m a great James Bond fan!As long as I remember,I have loved the whole universe of James Bond.My mother is a devout fan,and we have always watched lots of Bond movies and listened to the soundtracks.


When my friends dreamed of getting married to David Beckham;Leonardo di Caprio or Robbie Williams,I just wanted James.Not any one of the actors who have played the role,but rather the figure characterisation of the hero.This universe has filled so much in my life,that it´s just great that I have now got my profile on New-phase-dating.co.uk,where I have been able to get contact with guys who can tolerate a ”competitor” of this calibre.


I have actually experienced that some of the contacts on New-phase-dating.co.uk think that it´s great and fun;that I know so much about James Bond.I also feel that they think that it´s great that I´m interested in a cool,funky and tough masculine character.


In the beginning it was most like a game to be on New-phase-dating.co.uk.I saw myself as a bond babe,and that´s when I met a gorgeous man, whom I dated a couple of times;and then I moved onto the next.That´s how it happened in the beginning.I dated several guys,nice and good looking masculine ones.There were a couple of one night stands in between.


Suddenly there was a guy who presented himself as James Bond on my profile.He seemed very cool,mystical,exciting and cool.His profile image was made with shades,so as not to be able to see him 100%.What I saw was fantastic,We wrote together for some time,and then we started to speak on the phone.He still played an elusive role,wouldn´t say his own name,and he had the ability to inspire my interest in him.The day came when we had to meet,and I was hyperly tense and nervous.


We were to go to a cocktail bar,and he insisted on picking me up.I was ”dressed to kill”, with sumptuous makeup put on.At nine in the evening my door bell rang and I went downstairs.Outside was a black Audi TT, and next to it he stood.!He was a handsome sporty guy, with iceblue warm eyes enwrapped in a cool suit.Wow!That was my date,my 007.I was totally blown away.It was a perfect start to a perfect evening.He was a real gentlemen and very masculine.I fell in love on the spot.After a wonderful and unforgettable evening,I thought to myself,that this guy was someone I had to keep close at hand.This was not meant to be a one night stand.


Fortunately I did the right thing.I didn´t push my own agenda,I let him be the man.Already the next day a bunch of flowers arrived,with thanks written on a card,declaring that it had been and outstanding evening.In the very same measure of action, invited me to another dinner the very same day.He has now become my very own 007.My inner most dreams have been met,and ”James” also seems quite content!


Love From ”Pussy Galore”


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