Women Don`t Hang On Trees.

Especially not if you are a bricklayer living in the rural areas,with three teenagers staying over every second weekend.I live on a small Island,where everybody knows eachother.It`s not because I´m lonely,but I would love to meet a women, who could accept sharing me with my three lovely children.I have been considering for some time,whether I should put an add in the newspaper;but it triggered me into remembrance of the song about the ”Lonely 40 year old lady”.That`s usually when I lost the drive to do it!



One night I was surfing on the net,when I came across this site called: new-phase-dating.co.uk. I read about it,and thought that it sounded interesting.After thinking about it for a couple of days,I decided to go for it.I found a suitable picture,wrote a profile text,and just threw myself into the online dating universe.


After a short while, women started to show interest,and they wanted to get to know me.I know that I´m Okay looking,but on my profile I haven`t concealed the fact that I`m foremost a father of two children every second week;albeit grown youngsters who know what they want.It didn`t scare the women away.


I started writing with some of the women.It was enticing sitting at home reading the profile texts from different women.I was in doubt what I should focus on,but ultimately I followed my gut instinct.There were two women,both of them single with school age children,and living in a radius of 50miles..and who sounded sweet,lovely and caring.They were both attractive looking on their pictures,and had a fine age for me.One was slightly younger, and the other older than me.


We wrote together for some time,and after a while I felt more drawn to the older women.I like to be honest and up front,so after awhile I wrote to the other lady and explained the case; that I was withdrawing. I invested everything into the chosen one,and we arranged to meet.


Leading up to the first meeting I felt quite nervous,but I also thought:what can go wrong?I haven`t promised anybody anything,not even myself.It also showed that all my worries had been unnecessary.She turned up to be really nice.She at present lives up to all my expectations.She has said that she would like to meet my children,and openly tells me the story about her child.We don`t just speak about children.We have dated several times, and now the time has come to meet up with the children.My kids think it`s cool that their daddy has got to know a lady through a dating site.I don´t think that they had considered me so modern,and able to sort something in that order out.


Saturday we are all gathering for dinner,and we will see how it goes.At present I`m hoping that our relationship will develop,so that we can become love partners.


Best Regards 


The Bricklayer


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